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At A&A Bonding, it's not our intention that posting bail for someone become a nightmare for you. We want the defendant to do what he/she is obligated to, and we want you to be pleased with the professional service you receive. We appreciate your business and hope this reflects in the attitude of our Agents.  We make every effort to assist our clients, from the time the bond is posted, through the duration of the court case.  Agents of A&A Bonding make every effort to contact our clients prior to their court date with a personal phone call reminder.  We are available to check any court date in North Carolina for you at any time. 

If you would like to check any pending court date, you may also use the following link:


Indemnitor Obligations...

If you sign for someone's Bond as a co-signer / indemnitor you are assuming specific obligations.  We would like you to be fully aware of these obligations and please ask us any question that you may have. 

You need to be fully aware that you will be held financially liable for the full face value of the bond if the defendant fails to go to court. If he/she misses the court date they were given, then by law the Bonding Company is given 150 days from the date missed to re-capture the defendant and surrender them back into custody or handle the case in such a way that we can file paperwork to be removed from the liability. If proper paperwork is filed within the 150 days then the face value of the bond will not need to be paid. 

You as a co-signer / indemnitor do not have the right or ability to revoke someone's bond, that must be done by an Licensed Bail Agent. Unless the defendant breaks one of the bond restrictions, the bond will still be held in good standing. Getting re-arrested on an unrelated charge is not grounds for bond revocation. See the below section on "Defendants Obligation" to review what a Defendant can and can not do while on bond. This may help you as the co-signer to help hold them accountable.

**A missed court date does not always mean someone is jumping bond. Many times we are able to get the defendant a new court date before a warrant for Failure to Appear is issued. It is critical that we know as soon as possible. The courts sometimes take a few days before their records indicate a Failure to Appear so your help in this matter may be the difference between a reset court date or incarceration for the Defendant.**


Our forms are available for the co-signer / indemnitor for convenience purposes.  The forms signed by clients in another state or not in the prescense of and A&A Bonding Agent, MUST be notarized.  Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.​

Defendant Obligations...

If we have you on Bond, you are the “defendant” and we are considered the “surety”.  Below are the laws pertaining to your obligation as a Defendant. It is our primary responsibility to get our clients to court.  We have signed a legal obligation guaranteeing your appearance(s) in Court. 

The defendant may be surrendered without the return of premium for the bond if the defendant does any of the following (per § 58-71-20.  Surrender of defendant by surety; when premium need not be returned):

  1. Willfully fails to pay the premium to the surety or willfully fails to make a premium payment under the specified agreement in G.S. 58-71-167.

  2. Changes his or her address without notifying the surety before the address change.

  3. Physically hides from the surety.

  4. Leaves the State without permission of the surety

  5. Violates any order of the Court

  6. Fails to disclose information or provides false information regarding any failure to appear in Court, any previous felony convictions within the last 10 years, or any charges pending in any State or Federal Court.

  7. Knowingly provides the surety with incorrect personal identification, or uses a false name or alias. (1963, c. 1225, s 5; 1975, c. 619, s. 1; 1998-211, s. 30;2001-269, s.2.3; 2007-399, s.1.)

Worst Case Scenario...

If a court date is missed we will exhaust all our means to protect your liability by doing our best to find the defendant and return them to custody. If they fail to appear for court and appear to be running, your assistance will be greatly appreciated in locating the defendant. In most cases you know them and their habits much better than we do. 

If we need to go to another State to retrieve them we will, as long as that particular State's laws allow Bail Agents to pursue individuals there. Some States do not have Bail Bondsmen therefore they prohibit Bail Agents from other States from performing recoveries.

We will work with you and for you as much as we possibly can. Also we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. If we don't have the answer, we will try to get it for you in a timely manner. 

One unfortunate fact remains.  If the person you signed for misses court and can not be located and surrendered back into custody before midnight on the 150th day, then you are liable for the full amount of the original bond that you signed. On occasion we do accept regularly scheduled payments, but generally you will need to pay the Bond in full within 14 days.  Please make every effort to communicate with our agents.  We will do our best to find the best for all involved.

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